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ФАКТЫ (некоторые устарели)

Full name: Scott Andrew Caan
Date of birth: August 23, 1976
Place of birth: Los Angeles, CA
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5'5 " (1,65 m)
Chest in Inches:
Waist in Inches:
Biceps in Inches:
140 lbs (63,5 Kg)
38 Inches (96,52 cm)
32 Inches (81,28 cm)
14 Inches (35,56 cm)
Tattoo(s): on the right hand near the thumb (cross [ fact end 2001/early 2002 ]);
on the left hand near the thumb (three dots [ is October 12, 2011 ]);
on the left hand (PONY letters on each of his fingers)
Nationality: American
Origins: German - Jewish (paternal grandparents)
Parents: James Caan (an actor) and Sheila Ryan (a model and actress, died September 18, 2012)
Partner: Kacy Byxbee
Children: Josie James Caan (born on July 9, 2014)
Brothers and sisters: Alexander James Caan, born April 10, 1991;
Jacob Nicholas Caan, born September 24, 1998;
James Arthur Caan, born November 6, 1995;
Tara A. Caan, born November 5, 1964
Animal(s): blue heeler border collie (Dot, born in 2006-07 and adopted before March 2008)
Residence: Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, CA;
Honolulu (Hawaii) during the filming of Hawaii Five-0
Education: High school;
six different schools from which he was expelled;
Beverly Hills High School;
Excelsior High School in Los Angeles, CA;
Courses drama at the Playhouse West in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA (since 1997 and still follows)
Former Occupation(s): Baseball player;
rapper in the hip-hop duo "The Whooliganz" with Mudfoot 1990-1994
Occupation(s): Actor, writer, director, photographer, producer
Sport(s): Brazilian jujitsu (graded to 1st degree black belt in Jan 31, 2016);
boxing (3 years trains at Hollywood 's Wild Card Gym with his trainer Freddie Roach);
baseball (shortstop position in HS baseball team);
golf (participate in Annual James Caan Golf Classic);
rodeo (since it is small as it was at the ranch his uncle Ronnie);
surfing (since it is small, for 3 hours each day);
martial arts, softball, basketball, cycling, dance, physical training, lasso, swimming, ping-tennis, snowboarding, skateboarding, the four wheels, soccer
Inspirations: Sean Penn, his father (James Caan), Marlon Brando and Robert DuVall
Hobbies: Singing, driving, writing (mostly scenarios), hit balls, computers, playing guitar, shop (when it feels sexy - which is often), photography, watching baseball and staying home to work
Preferences: Actor(s): Marlon Brando
Boxer — James Tobey
Song — "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath
Location Vacation — El Salvador
Sport team(s) — Baseball: New York Yankees
Music style — Rock and Roll


Production / achievements / storyboarding
2009 Mercy writer Producer + File Photos
2006 The Dog Problem Director writer + File Photos
2003 Dallas 362 + Director screenwriter File Photos

2012 No Way Around Purpose Through Jacob author + File Photos
2010 Two Wrongs author File Photos
Almost Love 2001 s / o + author + director File Photos

1997 Do not Mean Nuttin Single File Photos
1994 Make Way For The 'W' Album File Photos
1993 Hit The Deck Single File Photos
1993 Put Your Handz Up Single File Photos

1998 CineVegas International Film Festival
Nominated for for Last Resort (with Harvey Silver)
2002 MTV Movie Awards
Nominated for " Best On-Screen Team " (with cast) Ocean 's Eleven
2002 Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards
Nominated for " Best Acting Ensemble" (with cast) Ocean 's Eleven
2003 CineVegas International Film Festival
Win for Dallas 362
2007: Teen Choice Awards
Nominated for " Choice Movie : Chemistry " (with cast) Ocean 's Thirteen
2011: Golden Globes Awards
Nominated for " Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini -Series or Motion Picture Made for Television " Hawaii Five-0
2013: TV Guide Awards
Winner for "Favorite Bromance " (with Alex O'Loughlin ) Hawaii Five-0
2013: Teen Choice Awards
Nominated for " Choice TV Show Action " Hawaii Five-0
2013: Teen Choice Awards
Nominated for " Choice TV Actor : Action " Hawaii Five-0

Surfers Healing WAS founded by Israel and Danielle Paskowitz. Their sound, Isaiah, WAS Diagnosed with autism at age three. Like Many autistic children, he Often Suffered from sensory overload - way sensations Could overwhelm him. The ocean Where Was the one spot he Seemed to find respite.
A form competitive surfer, Israel hit upon an idea - with Isaiah on the front of His surfboard, and Izzy steering from the back, the two Spent the day surfing together. Surfing Had a Profound impact on Isaiah. Israel and Danielle Decided They wanted to share this single therapy with other autistic children. They Began to host day camps at the beach Where autistic children and Their families Could Be Exposed to a new experience of surfing completely Call.

Agent: United Talent Agency, 9560 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 500, Beverly Hills, CA 90212;
Manager: Stacy Boniello, The Firm, 9465 Wilshire Blvd., Sixth Floor, Beverly Hills, CA 90212;
Publicist: David Pollick, Baker/Wynokur/Ryder, 9100 Wilshire Blvd., Sixth Floor West, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

- The Whooliganz made the first part of 1993 Cypress Hill and House of Pain.
- He was one of the first whites to achieve a serious credibility rappers.
- He returns to Playhouse West to study or participate in theater when not working (already created more than six pieces written sixty).
- He studied technical Stanford Meisner for a long time.
- He was at Beverly Hills High School at the same time Angelina Jolie.
- He is avid surfer and has over 45 surfboards.

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my kink is when people admit i was right
Scott Caan Web
Scott Caan Fans World Wide (facebook)

Биография и фильмография:

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«The Documentary Photography»

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Интервью со Скоттом для LAist:

Scott Caan dabbles in just about everything. On top of starring in Hawaii Five-0, doing theater productions, and yes, his former life rapping in '90s hip hop group, The Whooliganz, he's been taking photos over the past decade, shooting intimate and documentary snapshots of his life, his travels and his A-list friends.

Caan credits his start in photography in the early 2000s to his Nikon FE camera he got and the guidance of his mentor, cinematographer Phil Parmet (Grindhouse), whom he met on set of Dallas 362.

He's releasing his second book of photographs, "Vanity," on October 30. However, he'll be signing early copies of the book on August 30 from 7 to 10 p.m. at the opening reception of his photography show at the Martha Otero Gallery in the Fairfax District. His exhibition will be on display through September 13.

Caan spoke with LAist about the peculiar definition of "vanity," his bond with Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo who wrote the introduction to his book, and more.

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«Picturing Vanity»

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Интервью со Скоттом для The World's Best Ever:

Before talking with Scott Caan, the actor, I had no idea of what to expect. I mean, I’d seen him on the big screen in Novocaine and all of the Ocean’s series, and on TV in Entourage, but these were just characters, not the man himself. How close to the real Scott Caan were the people he portrayed? While I was supposed to be on the phone to talk about “Vanity,” his new book of photography and concurrent show at Martha Otero Gallery in Los Angeles, I was just as curious about finding out who he actually was. Who I discovered was a guy bursting with creativity and a clear outlook on life, whose talents stretched far beyond acting into music, writing, and of course, photography. He’d be just as comfortable on an Action Bronson track as he would be in a gallery, showing off the images he captured in a frame. Which is why we had this conversation in the first place.
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Picturing Vanity: An Interview with Scott Caan
written by David Wilfert || Aug 30, 2014

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«Not A Vanity Project»

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Интервью+фотосессия со Скоттом для The Hundreds:

A torrid afternoon slid me like a sweat-puck through the difficult-to-navigate-while-driving-a-Chevy-Silverado hillsides of Los Angeles to engage with probably one of the most insultingly badass people in the world, Scott Caan. Famous for pretty much everything he does, Scott’s hunger for all things creative has taken him on a wild ride from neighborhood troublemaker, to rapper, to actor, to writer, to director, to father, and a lot more. His refreshing honesty and bluntness was a culture-shock for me, a fringe-raised burb-zombie incubated by buffer-zones and tiny bubbles of “You’re great,” speckled with, “Who the fuck are you, and why are you at my party?
Intelligent and soft-spoken as he is alarmingly seasoned and rugged (his office looked and smelled like a Pendleton ad), Scott is pretty much an infinity-threat, easy to be jealous of, but really difficult not to like. In anticipation of the upcoming release of his new book Vanity, I anxiously slugged up to his dwellings to snatch knowledge on his creative passions, and the motivations that have driven them.

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Not A Vanity Project :: An Afternoon At Scott Caan's
written by Mac Sandefur || photos by Taylor Scalise || Sep 6, 2014

Полный сэт в галерее Scott Caan Web

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«The Ultimate Caan»

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Интервью с Джеймсом Кааном для журнала Cigar Aficionado, выпуск Jan/Feb 2004 (выдержки):

One of the intangible skills that Caan claims was learned on the streets at an early age was how to smell respect…and a rat. "You're not a quitter, you're not a rat," Caan says with finality. "My son [actor Scott Caan] grew up here in L.A. but he's got a New York morality. Now that sounds like a pompous friggin' thing to say, but there is such a thing as a New York morality, although today these guys are ratting on each other like, you know, it's going out of style. I mean, it's terrible. There are more rats in jail than thieves."

With the exception of Gardens of Stone, Caan had pretty much dropped out and turned, instead, to coaching boys baseball for the next six years. .. His son Scott also played baseball as well as basketball and soccer, on teams that his dad coached, but it was his skill with a bat that had his father thinking major leagues and, a few years later, thinking about cocaine rehab.
"I thought I was fooling my son. I was so stupid," Caan says. "I mean, you're never consciously hurting people, but when you look back, you go, 'Oh my God.' I didn't think he knew what was going on, you know; you think that kids aren't bright enough. But that's what woke me up, pretty much. Scott went after some guy -- Scott was 15, 16 -- with a baseball bat. He was going to kill him. A dope dealer. My son! It's like crying out of one eye and smiling out of the other, you know? That was like the rude awakening. It was over."

When it comes to his children, Caan is unabashedly gooey. When his two youngest burst into the hotel suite to announce that they're going swimming, they do so only after tumbling onto their dad's lap and spending 15 minutes confidently throwing questions at the interviewer and wanting to play with the tape recorder. When conversation turns to eldest son Scott, Caan says, simply, "he's the apple of my eye" and brags about Scott having won a prize at the 2003 Las Vegas Film Festival for his feature Dallas 362.

The Ultimate Caan
written by Betsy Model || Jan/Feb, 2004

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Scott Caan gets to play (in a play he wrote)

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Интервью со Скоттом для Los Angeles Times:

The playwright Scott Caan — yes, the same square-jawed Scott Caan who has appeared in Steven Soderbergh's "Ocean's Eleven" franchise and was nominated for a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Danny "Danno" Williams on CBS' "Hawaii Five-0" — doesn't know from hiatus. While his hit TV show is on summer break, the 38-year-old actor-writer-producer-director-photographer is starring in his newest self-penned stage comedy, "The Trouble We Come From." Last year, the prolific author released "Vanity," his second volume of photographs. This fall he'll release "The Performance of Heartbreak," a collection of his 10 one-act plays, through Rare Bird Books.

During rehearsals for the play, which runs through June 28 at the Falcon Theatre in Burbank, Caan — who began his performing career as "Mad Skillz," half of the short-lived 1990s teenage hip-hop duo Whooliganz — took time to parse his restless creativity.

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With 'Five-O' on hiatus, Scott Caan gets to play (in a play he wrote)
written by David Keeps || photos by Wally Skalij || Jun 19, 2015

Полный сэт в галерее Scott Caan Web

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mariacarms: Look who I bumped into on our last day!! Yay! DAN-O
#fangirl #hawaii50 #hawaiifiveo @hawaiifive0cbs #scottcaan #hawaii #honolulu #cjtravelhawaii

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Scott Caan on Regis & Kelly - Nov 22, 2010

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One-on-One with Scott Caan

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Интервью со Скоттом для The Tolucan Times:

In 1995 Scott Caan began making a name for himself in the entertainment industry landing roles in independent films and studying at Playhouse West acting school in Los Angeles. The son of silver screen tough guy and Academy Award-nominee James Caan quickly saw his career rise with brilliant turns in major motion pictures including Enemy of the State, Varsity Blues, Boiler Room, Gone in Sixty Seconds, Novocaine, Into the Blue and Friends with Money.

Then there’s his appearances in Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen portraying “Turk Malloy” alongside Brad Pitt, George Cooley, Matt Damon, the A-listers he calls peers go on and on. Caan landed coveted roles on HBO’s Entourage (playing Scott Lavin) and CBS’ hit series Hawaii Five-0 portraying Detective Danny ‘Danno’ Williams. The latter garnered him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor – Series, Miniseries or Television Film.

Not one to rest on his laurels, the City of Angels native has also directed films Dallas 362 and The Dog Problem, as well as written scripts including The Trouble We Come From playing at the Falcon Theatre in Burbank through July 12th. He co-stars in these live performances as well along with Michael Weston, Teri Reeves and Claire van der Boom.

Caan also has earned a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and finds time to donate for charitable causes. He was kind enough to grant this exclusive interview to The Tolucan Times in between rehearsals at The Falcon.

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One-on-One with actor, writer and director Scott Caan
written by Denise Ames || Jun 12, 2015

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The cast of @HawaiiFive0CBS has a message for the legend, @realroyce before tomorrow's #Bellator149 #Oss #H50

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Foreword, Scott Caan: Photographs Vol. 1

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Предисловие Скотта к «Photographs Vol. 1»:

“When I was a kid someone told my father that they thought he was a great artist, and he laughed. I asked him what was so funny, and he said, “Picasso is an artist; I’m an actor.”
So I started acting when I was old enough to realize that I would do anything not to have a nine-to-five job. At the time I had no idea what an impact the art would have on me. I joined a theater group. I obsessively studied plays, playwrights, actors, and directors. I lived and breathed theater. I lived and breathed acting, and writing. I really felt that I wanted to be an artist. I wanted to express myself. I wrote plays, I wrote movies, I acted in movies. Then I started to direct. I made movies, I made plays. I even wrote shitty songs.
Whether frustrating, rewarding, painful, or just embarassing, I usually felt full… That’s all we really want.
So when I didn’t, I would take a picture.
I took a bunch of photos with a bunch of different cameras that were all given to me by my father. The guy who says he’s not an artist… he’s wrong.
As an artist today, I think it is almost impossible to do exactly what you want. You have to listen to other people. You have to work with opinions. You have to change. Purity in most art forms is a struggle. Certainly acting or writing. Especially directing. So much that sometimes the art gets lost. The feeling of it anyway. Having your ideas, cognitive or not, and following through precisely… Not impossible, but for one reason or another, really hard.
Photography, to me, is pure. It’s the person holding the camera’s eye, and that’s it!
Like it or not, it is what it is.
Hope you like my photos, but they won’t change either way. They are what they are. That’s what I love about them.”

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Highsnobiety TV – Scott Caan for The Hundreds

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Альбом в галерее ScottCaanWeb
— фотограф Jason Bergh | March 2011

Scott Caan for The Hundreds
— режиссер Jason Bergh | Feb 2011

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«Freewheelin’ Step Brothers»

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The Alchemist о Скотте в интервью для Prefix Magazine (выдержки):

Alchemist’s original rap group from 1990’s was The Whooliganz, which featured the actor Scott Caan. How did the decision come about to include the old group, The Whooliganz into the album, Lord Steppington?

Alchemist: Well, Evidence gave us a verse on our Whooliganz album back in 1993. And we still owed him. So, we never really paid him back. Scott [Caan] was like, remember that verse you did on “All Across the Map”? Scott Caan is an amazing rapper. It will all be seen in the world that they were sleeping on him in 1993. But we are going to wake them up in 2014.

The Alchemist & Evidence: Freewheelin’ Step Brothers
written by Marcel Hidalgo || Jan 6, 2014

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Scott Caan Keeps it Interesting

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Scott Caan: If it was a movie about Navy SEALs and obviously Navy SEALs when you come into a room, one guy has to go this way, one guy looks this way… And look down and look down the barrel of your gun and look around a corner and then you guys crisscross and you take a room a certain way.
If everybody is doing that in a film, it’s interesting to me, immediately you go ooh look this is so cool, look this is actually how SEALs would take a room. But if I watch that same program over and over and over again, I’m like great that’s how they take the room, the person that I’m gonna pay attention to; or that’s interesting to me that has different behavior, is the guy that isn’t a part of that.
So I if possible I would rather do things differently just because it’s more interesting for me and I would assume it’s more interesting to watch, I mean I’d like to watch the guy that walks in a room with his gun down, it’s completely false as far as what the rules would be but maybe there’s a reason that guy does that, maybe he doesn’t care, maybe he’s like 'I hope I get shot today,’ you know? Those are things that’s a little more interesting to me.

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С 3-го марта в Мехико начнется ограниченный постановки по пьесе Скотта "Two Wrongs".
twitter: @2_wrongs

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Life Rolls On Helps Surfers with Disabilities

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Интервью со Скоттом для журнала Los Angeles Confidential:

Some celebrities speak out for their favorite charity. Some prefer to pay out. Actor Scott Caan, currently starring in the CBS series Hawaii Five-O, paddles out. For the last several years the LA native and longtime surfer has been lending a hand to two different organizations that use surfing to help people improve their quality of life. The Life Rolls On foundation runs regular "They Will Surf Again" events to help surfers of all ages affected by spinal-cord injuries get back in the water, while Surfers Healing, founded by surfing's famous Paskowitz family, uses the sport to help kids with autism.

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Life Rolls On Helps Surfers with Disabilities
written by Adam Preskill || photos by Matt Wessen, Ryan Giron, Susan Marie, Valerie Macon || Jun 11, 2012


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Performer of the Week

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«Asleep At The Chateau»

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Из артбука Джорка Вейсмана "Спящие в Шато"*:

“That’s Scott’s dog, but I forget its name.” Weismann Says. “Scott had an operation on his knee, so he had this machine he would put his leg inside and it would move the leg really slowly. He had to lie on the floor for an hour or so, and I think it’s pretty easy to fall asleep that way. That’s what he explained to me, and I thought it would make a perfect picture, The dog just came walking into the shot.”

Asleep at the Chateau: Chateau Artbook
Jork Weismann || Sep, 2010/12

*Asleep at the Chateau pays homage to this fabled place by picturing its quieter moments. Here, photographer Jork Weismann portrays a range of celebrities asleep at the Chateau--among them Bret Easton Ellis, Kirsty Hume, Patti Smith, Orlando Bloom, Juergen Teller, Sally Singer and Justin Theroux. Sprawled out in chairs, on couches or across the floor, Weismann's subjects reveal both themselves and the Chateau as they have never before been portrayed.

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amyrachlin: Scott Caan #playhousewest #alumni #interview #scottcaan

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Скотт Каан