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my kink is when people admit i was right
Архив фото с Джастином/сделанных Джастином (каскадер, один из дублеров Алекса в "Гавайи 5.0", временный сосед по комнате).
Возможны повторы с прошлыми архивами.

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_JustinFischer: #partner #coumpeee

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_JustinFischer: Letting Scott cut my hair. Trust issues

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my kink is when people admit i was right

Stephanie Rae Yee: Look who we met at Lanikai Juice. #scottcaan

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my kink is when people admit i was right

Ed Schiff (2013): Did a magic gig yesterday for a great charity golf tournament at El Cabrillo country club. The Caan family hosted it. 1st class all the way. Scott Caan was kind enough to watch my magic and still took a picture with me.
From there straight to thw The Magic Castle®

Ed Schiff (2017): He was really a gentleman. It was for a charity. Tons of show business people were there. congrats to them

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my kink is when people admit i was right
Тейлор запостила несколько старых бтс в честь продления
я добавила немного от себя


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my kink is when people admit i was right
вчера сообществу исполнился один год

фоточки Дот со старого аккаунта Кейси


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freckle_shop: Happy birthday Georgie boy 💜

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my kink is when people admit i was right

my kink is when people admit i was right
архив из инстаграма Takaaki Kaneko :з
почти домашний, отбирать не буду

2011, Tokyo - Kyoto

2013, Malibu

2013, Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

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my kink is when people admit i was right

«What Lies Beneath: Mercy as a Cultural Muse and Why She Had to Die»

my kink is when people admit i was right
Рецензия на фильм Скотта "Mercy":

Scott Caan’s film Mercy (2010) is often described as a romance, but I believe the film reaches beyond that, and at its heart, is more rightly understood as one man’s struggle with identity.

While there is a romance at the core of the film, the crux of the story is an exploration of the interconnectivity between people and how they understand themselves and their place in the world. At the center of this exploration is Johnny Ryan (Scott Caan), a writer of romance novels who doesn’t believe in love. “I write about love as I see it. Fantasy. Fable. It’s called fiction for a reason it doesn’t really exist.”

But what is fiction and what is fable comes into question when Johnny meets Mercy (Wendy Glenn) and falls in love.

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Скотт и Кейси

my kink is when people admit i was right

jessefaen: Two of my favorite people just happen to be a couple of love birds. @kacyelizabeth and her man Scott... Thank you both and @alexiegilmore for making my bday extra special and full of laughs. The finale of Scotty on piano was nothing short of impressive... I want to keep it here @toddmoffett and @beautyundone! #musicroomfortalentedfriends

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Скотт и дети

my kink is when people admit i was right

Metamoris II

my kink is when people admit i was right
Из галереи Metamoris.com

metamoris: James Caan and son Scott Caan enjoying Metamoris. || #Legendary #JamesCaan #ScottCaan #Metamoris || Metamoris.com

Из галереи CombatLifestyle


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Scott Caan Keeps it Interesting

my kink is when people admit i was right

Scott Caan: If it was a movie about Navy SEALs and obviously Navy SEALs when you come into a room, one guy has to go this way, one guy looks this way… And look down and look down the barrel of your gun and look around a corner and then you guys crisscross and you take a room a certain way.
If everybody is doing that in a film, it’s interesting to me, immediately you go ooh look this is so cool, look this is actually how SEALs would take a room. But if I watch that same program over and over and over again, I’m like great that’s how they take the room, the person that I’m gonna pay attention to; or that’s interesting to me that has different behavior, is the guy that isn’t a part of that.
So I if possible I would rather do things differently just because it’s more interesting for me and I would assume it’s more interesting to watch, I mean I’d like to watch the guy that walks in a room with his gun down, it’s completely false as far as what the rules would be but maybe there’s a reason that guy does that, maybe he doesn’t care, maybe he’s like 'I hope I get shot today,’ you know? Those are things that’s a little more interesting to me.

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Скотт Каан