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tenaparkerhair: Then there was the time I was cutting @yaco_gucci hair and Scott Caan jumped in to help cut & style! These actors have many hidden talents! #gostylin #ilovemyjob #scottcaan #mohawk #danno #hi50hair #hawaii #hawaiifiveO #actors #happyalohafriday #sharingiscaring

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В честь всемирного дня фотографии Меган снова отжала официальный инстаграм 5-0 и запостила фотопортреты с кастом, сделанные в этом и прошлом году на пленку 35 мм с помощью Nikon. Сюда я, понятное дело, всех нести не стану, но рекомендую зайти на аккаунт, там красивый Алекс и все такое.

hawaiifive0cbs: "This is one of my favorite photos, because it’s imperfect and out of focus, and it was from the very first roll of film I ever shot, while he was teaching me how. My sensei 🙏🏽" - @meaghanrath #WorldPhotographyDay #H50

hawaiifive0cbs: "Scott Caan shooting the season 9 opener at Hanauma Bay at 8am on a (rare) empty beach" - @meaghanrath #WorldPhotographyDay #H50

Фотографии Меган, сделанные Скоттом:

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tonysmmaclass: After a good rolling session awhile back at beverlyhills jiu jitsu club. I was training at bhjjc In 2000 I believe, here with Scott caan

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Из историй инстаграма Мэган

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Архив фото с Джастином/сделанных Джастином (каскадер, один из дублеров Алекса в "Гавайи 5.0", временный сосед по комнате).
Возможны повторы с прошлыми архивами.

В свободное время:

_JustinFischer: #partner #coumpeee

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_JustinFischer: Letting Scott cut my hair. Trust issues

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Мэган сегодня фото-спамит с официального инстаграм-аккаунта "Гавайи 5.0" по случаю выхода сериала из месячного хиатуса

hawaiifive0cbs: One of us is guilty...And her name rhymes with “Reaghan Bath” - @meaghanrath

hawaiifive0cbs: Don’t even worry about it - @meaghanrath #H50 #scottcaan

hawaiifive0cbs: 🖤 - @meaghanrath #H50
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бтс из 8.09 Make Me Kai :D

kimeebalmilero: No worries, beef curries! New #H50 is happening tonight. Calm a friend.🌈 #fbf

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kaiservonkrap: sharing some tricks...knowledge and some jerk moves with @jacktaufer #scottcaan @joncho87...jack, scott and i will be coming to a new york/eastern canada near you soon!!! #thebesthairinbjjseminartour2017

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Chad Bentz: Great day before we go to kauai. started by watching professional surfers up in North Shore then went over to a waterfall where Shawna Bentz got to swim and to top it off we ran into Scott Caan of Hawaii Five 0 and the Ocean movies.

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missamerikabrown: ⭐️ Thank you all SOOOO much for watching last night’s episodes of Hawaii Five-0! Could not have had a more magical time playing thee grown Grace Williams. Thank you to my Danno/ dad on the show, Scott Caan, and Peter Weller (our director and all-star actor) for showing me the ropes. 💙 and a very special shoutout to @cassidygiff and @codygiff24 for throwing me thee cutest screening bash. Xoxo 💘

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и чтобы не дергать прошлый фотопост, пусть эти две лежат отдельно
они потрясные сами по себе

Garrett Ogawa: Scott Caan and Teilor Grubbs

billyv808: Are you watching #HawaiiFive-0 tomorrow night?! #H50 They play Father/Daughter on the series! picture from #sotb #redcarpet Nov 10, 2017 Waikiki Beach #scottcaan #teilorgrubbs @cbstv @CBS Watch Friday night!

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SOTB 2017: видео (2)

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сорри за повторы в ленте, гайз
я прост принесла транскрипты к интервью и для удобства хочу сложить их в одном месте с видео

Интервью ET Canada, субтитры

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ET Canada: “Hawaii Five-0” star Scott Caan explains why the show’s newest cast members are a big reason for fans to watch season 8 of the series.


ET: How amazing does it be able to be here and see all these fans that are still loving the show?
SC: It's great, good. It makes you know people like you.

ET: Do you ever look back on season one, you know, how successful and popular the show we become, do you reflect like that ever?
SC: No I don't. I don't know, I remember being in a much different place than I am today and I'm in a better place so it's good.

ET: Well it's a good thing. So if you could sum up season eight for me and why people should watch in three words what would that be?
SC: I think for the new folks that are in the show at. There's a lot of new people that are, you know, really great and young and talented and that's that's what I'm excited about. Because watching that was a fun and balance and good, good people.

ET: Alex had such great things to say about you yesterday, I lost talking to them well. How do you feel about working with him still after all these years?
SC: I mean you know he's one of my close friends now and you know we're like brothers so I love the guy. That's nice to be able to go to work with someone every day that you trust or respect.

ET: Good, finally what's the what's your favorite part about being on Hawaii five-o? Is it getting to shoot?
SC: Get to serve, you know, get to be on the beach out with good people.

Скомпилированное интервью Honolulu Star-Advertiser, субтитры

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Star-Advertiser: Stars and fans of Hawaii Five-0 came out to Waikiki to celebrate the annual Sunset on the Beach.


SC: I'm just proud to be a part of some of the class of this long. No I don't look at it necessarily as, you know, episode to episode year to year. It's just cool to be part of something that people want to do, you know, pay attention to for almost 10 years.

Интервью シネマトゥデイ(cinematoday.jp), субтитры

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シネマトゥデイ: マホモリティリポートは、シネマトゥデイ記者の森田まほがスマホ片手に突撃するコーナーです。今回は、ハワイのワイキキで行われた人気海外ドラマ「HAWAII FIVE-0」シーズン8 Sunset On The Beachイベントのレッドカーペットでスターたちに突撃してきました〜! まるでオハナ(家族)へのような愛情たっぷりの日本のファンへのメッセージをどうぞ!


SC: /.../ Shitty and why it's me but let's go invite us in Japan.

CT: /не слышно/
SC: Well obviously, you know, the fish, the sushi. /непонятно/ very strange things in a horse.

CT: And what's gonna happen to McDanno this season?
SC: They kill me. Okey, I have no idea.

CT: But what makes people love hawaii five-0 so much, what do you think?
SC: Me, probably me *laughing* No, I don't know. I mean it's beautiful place. Good place to tune into at the end of the long day.

CT: And how is the combination with Alex?
SC: He's my buddy. You know it's good to work with them, you know, working somebody around that you love.

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SOTB 2017: видео

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Отрывок с интервью из лайвстрима Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Honolulu Star-Advertiser: LIVE: Hawaii Five-0 Sunset on the Beach
(по ссылке видео целиком)

Фотозона, приезд, обнимашки с Тейлор

PHOTOluluTV: Five-O Sunset On The Beach 2017: Scott Caan as Danny Williams

Фанзона, афторгафы

HawaiiNewsNow: The stars of the hit show #H50 hit the red carpet in Waikiki Friday for the annual Sunset on the Beach screening event. #SOTB
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SOTB 2017: фото

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Фотографии фанатов и прессы, выборка:

CINDY ELLEN RUSSELL / CRUSSELL@STARADVERTISER.COM: Scott Caan walks the red carpet in Waikiki during the “Hawaii Five-0” edition of Sunset on the Beach at Queen’s Surf on Friday.


hawaii_isla808: Sunset on the Beach: Hawaii Five-0 Season 8th on the Red Carpet in Waikiki Beach. @MeaghanRath and #scottcaan #h50 #hawaiifive0 #hawaii50 #sotb8


Darryl Oumi: Scott Caan attends the Sunset on the Beach and signs autographs for fans before the event celebrating season 8 of 'Hawaii Five-0' at Queen's Surf Beach on November 10, 2017 in Waikiki, Hawaii.
Альбом на scott-caan.com

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murfeedee: H50
Opportunity presented itself for a quick snap with Scott Caan.
Grateful 👌

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estevanoriol: Did this portrait of my long time homie Scott Caan at his office with his bad ass dog, I tour managed him when he was 15 in the Whooligans with @alanthechemist . Looking at all he's accomplished now to date , has me looking u to him, he's a beast. Good actor, back belt bjj, good surfer, friend , father and husband. And he got one of the coolest pads in LA.it doesn't hurt his dad is one of my favorite actors in the world Mr. Jimmy MotherFuckin Caan @thefallmag #estevanoriol #ScottCaan #soulAssassins #blackandwhitephotography #losangelesphotographer #thisislosangeles

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«Завучи», сезон 2, серия 4

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Промо серии «Завучи» с участием Скотта:

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Скотт Каан