my kink is when people admit i was right

Scott Caan: If it was a movie about Navy SEALs and obviously Navy SEALs when you come into a room, one guy has to go this way, one guy looks this way… And look down and look down the barrel of your gun and look around a corner and then you guys crisscross and you take a room a certain way.
If everybody is doing that in a film, it’s interesting to me, immediately you go ooh look this is so cool, look this is actually how SEALs would take a room. But if I watch that same program over and over and over again, I’m like great that’s how they take the room, the person that I’m gonna pay attention to; or that’s interesting to me that has different behavior, is the guy that isn’t a part of that.
So I if possible I would rather do things differently just because it’s more interesting for me and I would assume it’s more interesting to watch, I mean I’d like to watch the guy that walks in a room with his gun down, it’s completely false as far as what the rules would be but maybe there’s a reason that guy does that, maybe he doesn’t care, maybe he’s like 'I hope I get shot today,’ you know? Those are things that’s a little more interesting to me.

@темы: роль: Рэндалл Салливан (In Enemy Hands), видео, 2013