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Отрывок из подкаста с Джеймсом Кааном на iHeartRadio, в котором ведущие спрашивают о Скотте и его будущем "Гавайи 5.0" (спойлер: будущего нет)

The Paul Castronovo Show: Hollywood Legend James Caan is in town and thanks to Boston Joey, we got his hotel room and gave him a call!

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Архив фото с Джастином/сделанных Джастином (каскадер, один из дублеров Алекса в "Гавайи 5.0", временный сосед по комнате).
Возможны повторы с прошлыми архивами.

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_JustinFischer: #partner #coumpeee

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_JustinFischer: Letting Scott cut my hair. Trust issues

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а вот и официальный альбом


Альбом в галерее "James Caan Golf Classic" на Flickr

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Kimberley Bosso LA Make-Up Artist: Blessed to have such supportive people around Bosso Beverly Hills. They understand I've built this business from the ground up by myself. They know the hustle. I'm so in my element. Mutual respect. Thank you for the support to James Caan, Joe Pesci, Scott Caan, Bobby Castanza, Steve Moore, Antonia Q. Tong, John, Baron, Richard, Berti, Ricky. Thank you!! #theygetme #entreprenuer #bossbabe

GypsyVodka: Had a great time at the James Caan Golf Classic yesterday. Thank you so much to James, his family, and the incredible people at Legacy for putting on this amazing event that goes toward combatting drug and alcohol abuse!

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Q&A со Скоттом и Джимми на CineVegas Film Festival:

One-on-one with the Caan men

I sat down with legendary actor James Caan and his son Scott, who is following in his father’s footsteps. Scott’s film Mercy was screened at CineVegas. He wrote it, stars in it -- and even hired his dad for it! Scott describes it as a tragic romance between a critic who pans the book of a writer who never fell in love. Somehow they fall deeply in love, but death intervenes!

Here’s my chat with the father-and-son stars:

Robin Leach: Shades of real life in this movie between you and Scott, yes?

James Caan: Not at all, exactly the opposite that made it so difficult. We have a great relationship.

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Robin Leach | June 13, 2009

Denise Truscello | June 13, 2009

Q&A: James and Scott Caan discuss lost loves

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Francesca Baer: Got to work alongside two generations of Caan in 2015! #fatherandson #HawaiiFive0 #TheWaitingMovie

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Annual Night By The Ocean Gala

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Статья на Dailymail.com:

James Caan has been acting for five decades. But the 76-year-old The Godfather vet still manages to look spry. On Sunday the icon looked youthful in a plaid shirt as he exited the Beverly Hills restaurant Madeo where he celebrated Father's Day with his son Scott as well as Scott's longtime girlfriend Kacy Byxbee

The Misery star was dressed casually for the evening out with his hunky 39-year-old son. He wore a checkered pale blue and white buttoned-down dress shirt with light wash jeans and brown leather slip-ons. The Oscar nominee - who was rushed to the hospital last September after suffering from a chest infection - looked to be in great health as he waited for his car by the valet.

Scott looked effortlessly cool in a plain white T-shirt and army green relaxed-fitting trousers. The Hawaii Five-0 actor was devilishly handsome as ever with his hair slicked back and a bit of facial scruff. He upgraded his look a bit with polished black dress shoes and added a pop of colour with mauve socks.

His model girlfriend wore a chic fringed mini-dress garb that showcased her long legs. The olive-coloured v-neck frock was teamed with brown leather lace-up sandals and she carried a matching shoulder bag. Kacy - who shares one-year-old daughter Josie with Scott - skipped the cosmetics and allowed her natural beauty to shine through. She swept her chestnut tresses back and opted for minimal accessories, with a simple dainty silver necklace and wristwatch.

Father's Day with the Godfather actor
written by Sarah Jones || Jun 20, 2016

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The 13th Annual James Caan Golf Classic

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Michael Yslas: Scott Caan from Hawaii-5-0 still supports our company. Thank you Scott !


Полный альбом в галерее ZEN "James Caan Golf Classic 2016"
Полный альбом в галерее "James Caan Golf Classic"
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Metamoris II

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Из галереи Metamoris.com

metamoris: James Caan and son Scott Caan enjoying Metamoris. || #Legendary #JamesCaan #ScottCaan #Metamoris || Metamoris.com

Из галереи CombatLifestyle


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«The Ultimate Caan»

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Интервью с Джеймсом Кааном для журнала Cigar Aficionado, выпуск Jan/Feb 2004 (выдержки):

One of the intangible skills that Caan claims was learned on the streets at an early age was how to smell respect…and a rat. "You're not a quitter, you're not a rat," Caan says with finality. "My son [actor Scott Caan] grew up here in L.A. but he's got a New York morality. Now that sounds like a pompous friggin' thing to say, but there is such a thing as a New York morality, although today these guys are ratting on each other like, you know, it's going out of style. I mean, it's terrible. There are more rats in jail than thieves."

With the exception of Gardens of Stone, Caan had pretty much dropped out and turned, instead, to coaching boys baseball for the next six years. .. His son Scott also played baseball as well as basketball and soccer, on teams that his dad coached, but it was his skill with a bat that had his father thinking major leagues and, a few years later, thinking about cocaine rehab.
"I thought I was fooling my son. I was so stupid," Caan says. "I mean, you're never consciously hurting people, but when you look back, you go, 'Oh my God.' I didn't think he knew what was going on, you know; you think that kids aren't bright enough. But that's what woke me up, pretty much. Scott went after some guy -- Scott was 15, 16 -- with a baseball bat. He was going to kill him. A dope dealer. My son! It's like crying out of one eye and smiling out of the other, you know? That was like the rude awakening. It was over."

When it comes to his children, Caan is unabashedly gooey. When his two youngest burst into the hotel suite to announce that they're going swimming, they do so only after tumbling onto their dad's lap and spending 15 minutes confidently throwing questions at the interviewer and wanting to play with the tape recorder. When conversation turns to eldest son Scott, Caan says, simply, "he's the apple of my eye" and brags about Scott having won a prize at the 2003 Las Vegas Film Festival for his feature Dallas 362.

The Ultimate Caan
written by Betsy Model || Jan/Feb, 2004

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Скотт Каан