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my kink is when people admit i was right

CarolineinNZ: Lauren answering my question about her favourite ep on #HawaiiFive0. #ScottCaan
Full video on Hawaii Five-O NZ facebook page

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my kink is when people admit i was right
Уголочек для отрывков из разговоров людей, встречавших Скотта лично.
Если эти отрывки недостаточно больше, чтобы занимать собственный пост.
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my kink is when people admit i was right
Отрывок из подкаста с Джеймсом Кааном на iHeartRadio, в котором ведущие спрашивают о Скотте и его будущем "Гавайи 5.0" (спойлер: будущего нет)

The Paul Castronovo Show: Hollywood Legend James Caan is in town and thanks to Boston Joey, we got his hotel room and gave him a call!

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such gold ❤

my kink is when people admit i was right
Из интервью с Клэр ван дер Бум для австралийской газеты "The Examiner" в 2010:

[...] She [Claire van der Boom] admits, however, that the fast pace of making a show such as Hawaii Five-0 is at times daunting, especially when working opposite a live wire such as Ocean’s Eleven star Caan.

“It sounds a bit wanky but I do a lot of imaginative work in creating a character,” she explained. “During the day, while I’m doing the dishes, I’ll be thinking about this woman and who she might be and why she’s in this situation. But on the day, you kind of have to drop all that and work with what’s in front of you… which is Scott Caan. So you just have to play, really. Particularly with someone like Scott, who improvises all the time. One of my first days on the set, someone said to me ‘You’ve probably guessed by now that Scott does what he wants. Just go with it’. But he keeps coming up with such gold that they let him. He’s a very, very witty and naughty man – one of the funniest I’ve met, to be honest.”

“Time in the Sun”, Claire van der Boom TV Guide Interview

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my kink is when people admit i was right
Из интервью с Мэган Рат для гавайского журнала "Modern Luxury":

Q: Any insider information you can give to your readers about your Hawaii Five-0 cast members?

Rath: My cast members are a lot more playful than people think. We have a good time. There's a shocking amount of silliness that goes on for a show that's as intense as it is. People who follow my Instagram stories can attest to that. On a long days, I get bored and like to cause a bit of trouble. I once built a "tickle sick" of sorts, using chopsticks I found at craft services and my hair extensions. It was strange. No one was safe. Also Scott Caan has been teaching me how to shoot on a film camera. He had been showing me some of his published work; it was very inspiring, and I asked him to teach me. I had done a lot of photography in my life, but I've only ever shot with digital cameras, so learning from Scott and a bunch of our camera guys and directors of photography has been pretty great. It's an excellent classroom.

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Modern Luxury Hawaii
March/April issue, 2018

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my kink is when people admit i was right

estevanoriol: Did this portrait of my long time homie Scott Caan at his office with his bad ass dog, I tour managed him when he was 15 in the Whooligans with @alanthechemist . Looking at all he's accomplished now to date , has me looking u to him, he's a beast. Good actor, back belt bjj, good surfer, friend , father and husband. And he got one of the coolest pads in LA.it doesn't hurt his dad is one of my favorite actors in the world Mr. Jimmy MotherFuckin Caan @thefallmag #estevanoriol #ScottCaan #soulAssassins #blackandwhitephotography #losangelesphotographer #thisislosangeles

Подробнее о фотосессии

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my kink is when people admit i was right
спасибо за находку, криштя <3

"Scotty Caan is an L.A. figurehead and a virtuoso, whether it’s acting, photography, skateboarding, or even rap (anyone remember?). I photographed him outside of Swingers after lunch one afternoon, with the intent of cementing his classic, old-school Hollywood appeal. Meanwhile the paparazzi circled us like vultures — You’d never guess by how nonplussed and collected he remained, as effortless as his hair. Scotty’s a good guy, and his film Mercy was one of my favorites of 2010. He also happens to star in the biggest show on TV right now, Hawaii 5-0."

Photos of 2010: Stories
Bobby Hundreds | December, 2010/17

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my kink is when people admit i was right
Интервью с Мисси Перегрим для ET Canada к выходу серии "Гавайи 5.0" с ее участием:

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Luckily, she shares, “it ended up being fantastic. I had a really good time on the show,” and she adds that working with Caan was a joy, “because he’s a pretty hilarious person. He has a fun energy about him… he really wanted it to work. Once somebody is open and willing to play the game that way, it’s so much easier, because he wanted to make sure [our relationship] was believable.”

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«Asleep At The Chateau»

my kink is when people admit i was right
Из артбука Джорка Вейсмана "Спящие в Шато"*:

“That’s Scott’s dog, but I forget its name.” Weismann Says. “Scott had an operation on his knee, so he had this machine he would put his leg inside and it would move the leg really slowly. He had to lie on the floor for an hour or so, and I think it’s pretty easy to fall asleep that way. That’s what he explained to me, and I thought it would make a perfect picture, The dog just came walking into the shot.”

Asleep at the Chateau: Chateau Artbook
Jork Weismann || Sep, 2010/12

*Asleep at the Chateau pays homage to this fabled place by picturing its quieter moments. Here, photographer Jork Weismann portrays a range of celebrities asleep at the Chateau--among them Bret Easton Ellis, Kirsty Hume, Patti Smith, Orlando Bloom, Juergen Teller, Sally Singer and Justin Theroux. Sprawled out in chairs, on couches or across the floor, Weismann's subjects reveal both themselves and the Chateau as they have never before been portrayed.

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«Freewheelin’ Step Brothers»

my kink is when people admit i was right
The Alchemist о Скотте в интервью для Prefix Magazine (выдержки):

Alchemist’s original rap group from 1990’s was The Whooliganz, which featured the actor Scott Caan. How did the decision come about to include the old group, The Whooliganz into the album, Lord Steppington?

Alchemist: Well, Evidence gave us a verse on our Whooliganz album back in 1993. And we still owed him. So, we never really paid him back. Scott [Caan] was like, remember that verse you did on “All Across the Map”? Scott Caan is an amazing rapper. It will all be seen in the world that they were sleeping on him in 1993. But we are going to wake them up in 2014.

The Alchemist & Evidence: Freewheelin’ Step Brothers
written by Marcel Hidalgo || Jan 6, 2014

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«The Ultimate Caan»

my kink is when people admit i was right
Интервью с Джеймсом Кааном для журнала Cigar Aficionado, выпуск Jan/Feb 2004 (выдержки):

One of the intangible skills that Caan claims was learned on the streets at an early age was how to smell respect…and a rat. "You're not a quitter, you're not a rat," Caan says with finality. "My son [actor Scott Caan] grew up here in L.A. but he's got a New York morality. Now that sounds like a pompous friggin' thing to say, but there is such a thing as a New York morality, although today these guys are ratting on each other like, you know, it's going out of style. I mean, it's terrible. There are more rats in jail than thieves."

With the exception of Gardens of Stone, Caan had pretty much dropped out and turned, instead, to coaching boys baseball for the next six years. .. His son Scott also played baseball as well as basketball and soccer, on teams that his dad coached, but it was his skill with a bat that had his father thinking major leagues and, a few years later, thinking about cocaine rehab.
"I thought I was fooling my son. I was so stupid," Caan says. "I mean, you're never consciously hurting people, but when you look back, you go, 'Oh my God.' I didn't think he knew what was going on, you know; you think that kids aren't bright enough. But that's what woke me up, pretty much. Scott went after some guy -- Scott was 15, 16 -- with a baseball bat. He was going to kill him. A dope dealer. My son! It's like crying out of one eye and smiling out of the other, you know? That was like the rude awakening. It was over."

When it comes to his children, Caan is unabashedly gooey. When his two youngest burst into the hotel suite to announce that they're going swimming, they do so only after tumbling onto their dad's lap and spending 15 minutes confidently throwing questions at the interviewer and wanting to play with the tape recorder. When conversation turns to eldest son Scott, Caan says, simply, "he's the apple of my eye" and brags about Scott having won a prize at the 2003 Las Vegas Film Festival for his feature Dallas 362.

The Ultimate Caan
written by Betsy Model || Jan/Feb, 2004

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Скотт Каан