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«The Performance of Heartbreak and Other Plays»

7 ноября 2015 Скотт встречался с поклонниками в грин рум Samuel French, Theatre & Film Bookshop (книжный магазин а Лос-Анджелес), отвечал на вопросы и подписывал копии книги.
Собрала под катом найденные фото, видео и чужие впечатления от встречи.

- The room was packed to standing room only for Scott's signing. It was so awesome!!! Had a great time. So so so lucky I got to go : D : D : D
- Scott is trying to get The Trouble We Come From published thru Samuel French, so for all of us hoping to get our hands on it fingers crossed
- It's incredibly hard to fill seats in LA Theatre, so he's taken a loss on the plays he's done.
- Broadway/off Broadway is so competitive that in meetings he doesn't get asked about the play, but about whether a big name celeb will star.
- It sounded like he's been made an offer to be in a play Off Broadway, but didn't say for what/if he was going to do it.
- It's harder for him to be in a play that he's written himself because he can't turn off the part constantly wondering if people will hate it
- He'd look forward to the chance to be in a play he didn't write just to experience it without all that baggage.
- But, he will never stop writing and being in his own plays. : )

- It was great seeing n talking 2 Scott 4 the 4th time, at his book signing.15 or so present n we talked 4 about an hour. Awesome,genuine guy.

- I'd call any scotty event that ends with a hug, kiss on the cheek, and a "thanks for always being so supportive..." a major win. #lovehim
- when I said it was good to see him again and mentioned being at "a few plays"..he said"yep.I remember seeing you"..ahh. so surreal : )
- he definitely has such a passion for plays and writing....so i am hopeful we see another one come next summer! : )
- #ScottCaan is one of the funniest,sweetest,most awesomely talented people there is.Such a great speaker/story tellerand so sweet to talk to!

- Scott paid for the book for our guest in the wheelchair. That's the kind of guy he is!

- l got my Signed Copy.. so blessed to have had the Wonderful opportunity/privilege to be taught by this amazing Artist. He is a true #Mensch and a hardworking #Yid in Hollywood. SO POUD of you #ScottCaan. So glad that these plays have finally been published... I laughed and cried. #ThePerformance Of Heartbreak. Amazing plays. You'll fall in love with all of them.





Фотоальбом встречи в галерее "Samuel French"

jadenalda: I had the pleasure of meeting Scott today. He's good people. #scottcaan #hawaiifive0 #Cbsstudio #ncisla #grateful #actorslife #goodtimes #mesiner #playhousewest #jadenalda #actor #lifeisgood #blessed #success #movie #warnerbrosstudios #family #hollywood #onday #studio #active #acting #rich #wealth #creative #sanfrancisco #free #onedirection #paramountstudios

lonestar262: So much fun at #ScottCaan book signing !!!

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Скотт говорит о своем сборнике на Good Day LA (FOX 11 News):

Scott Caan on writing his own roles and 'Hawaii Five-O'

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