Sunset on the Beach - 7(3)

my kink is when people admit i was right

decembahs: Scott Caan🙌🏼 Hawaii 5-0 Sunset on the beach Season 7 Premiere

billybogoeski: #H50's #ScottCaan ready to sign a few autographs #hawaiifive0 #cbs #SOTB #waikiki #hawaii @hawaiifive0cbs

celspipics: Mahalo to @snapshotsofaloha for giving me permission to share his pics he took of me taking a selfie with #ScottCaan and my Danno Giraffe. This is the one that @hawaiinewsnow used on their website. Please check out his FB & IG page at @snapshotsofaloha - some great pics from #H50 #SOTB & other Hawaii events. #DannyWilliams #iloveagiraffe #fangirl

clairembea: #hawaii5o new season !!!

808hawaiifive0: Scott Caan Made it this year!!!!!!😊😊 #H50 #SOTB #DANNO #SEASON7 #LUCKY7

iamtamvo: About last night—they call O'ahu "The Gathering Place" and it makes so much sense because I keep running into friends I haven't seen in years or meeting people who feel completely familiar from the moment we hug. I got to accompany @northshorecandlecompany to the @hawaiifive0cbs season premiere in Waikiki because her amazing candles were gifted to the cast and crew. It all happened because @malettashredda and I crossed paths and he invited me to stay with his family in Kahuku. So naturally I ended up running into and giving a huge hug to Scott Caan, who I last saw in LA back in the summer of 2009 when I was helping with the social media strategy of his first book of photographs, designed by his good friend Howie @hnourmand of @grand_jete_design. Twitter was still new, and I was trying to get the word out about Scott's book/opening gallery show. I'd been an editorial assistant at an LA yoga magazine and later a writer for Ideal Bite (think an eco-minded Daily Candy, it later sold to Disney in 2008) for Howie's girlfriend (now wife!) Molly, who is to this day one of the warmest and kindest souls I've ever met in LA.

frolichawaii: Scott Caan greets Chelsea Hardin, Miss Hawaii USA on the #H50 red carpet! #SOTB
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@темы: 2016, событие: Sunset on the Beach, публичные появления, роль: Дэнни Уильямс (Hawaii Five-0)

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my kink is when people admit i was right

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