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Интервью с Мисси Перегрим для ET Canada к выходу серии "Гавайи 5.0" с ее участием:

She is on a work trip, she’s struggling back at home, and there’s a very brother-sister, fight-y dynamic because he calls me out on some stuff,” says Peregrym of Bridget’s relationship with her bro. “It’s one episode, but we packed in a lot of stuff into five scenes.”

Fans of the show won’t be surprised to learn that Danny is an overly protective big brother, which irks Bridget no end. “It annoys me, and we get into a huge fight over it,” reveals Peregrym. “It’s a quick arc, but I really enjoyed every scene because we got through a lot in that episode.”

For someone coming off a five-year stint on a show, what’s it been like to jump into an established series as a guest star? “It was intimidating,” she admits. “Everybody has their rhythm, their routine, they know each other, and you’ve got to pop in [as a guest star]. Especially in this scenario, where I’m supposed to be a family member. You never know how the chemistry is going to be.”

Luckily, she shares, “it ended up being fantastic. I had a really good time on the show,” and she adds that working with Caan was a joy, “because he’s a pretty hilarious person. He has a fun energy about him… he really wanted it to work. Once somebody is open and willing to play the game that way, it’s so much easier, because he wanted to make sure [our relationship] was believable.”

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