my kink is when people admit i was right
спасибо за находку, криштя <3

"Scotty Caan is an L.A. figurehead and a virtuoso, whether it’s acting, photography, skateboarding, or even rap (anyone remember?). I photographed him outside of Swingers after lunch one afternoon, with the intent of cementing his classic, old-school Hollywood appeal. Meanwhile the paparazzi circled us like vultures — You’d never guess by how nonplussed and collected he remained, as effortless as his hair. Scotty’s a good guy, and his film Mercy was one of my favorites of 2010. He also happens to star in the biggest show on TV right now, Hawaii 5-0."

Photos of 2010: Stories
Bobby Hundreds | December, 2010/17

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2017-05-22 в 08:38 

Sometimes the within is piano black
обожаю эту фотографию :heart: his classic, old-school Hollywood appeal - очень метко подмечено

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Скотт Каан