my kink is when people admit i was right

Tina Konlin: Ok, you know when you totally embarrass yourself and then you have to tell everyone about it? Yeah- that's what this is! So I'm at the airport waiting to board my flight to Honolulu for the G12 Leaders conference and I see this guy next to me and he looks so familiar that I thought he must be a graduate or someone I know from church or something. So I say "Hey How doI know you?" And he looks up and kind of shrugged his shoulders and smiles at me. "No seriously, you look so familiar." He does it again with a smirk. "You're probably totally famous and you're just not telling me right? LOL" still thinking I know him personally... He finishes his paperwork looks back and smiles and walks away. So now it's bugging me and I go sit down and I sneak a photo to send my daughter Jenny to ask her how I know this guy. She immediately responds and says that's the main actor from Hawaii 5-O and he's also in big movies like Oceans 11 (which Ron and I both loved and watched together all the time). I was mortified I couldn't believe I said that to him. A moment later he walks by and I said "I figured it out!!" and again he smirks and says "Have a nice day!" As we were getting off the plane I asked if we could take a photo since I figured it out and here's the WORST PART- I open my phone to take a selfie and he sees the secret photo I took of him earlier and says "It looks like you already got one .To dig myself into a deeper hole I told him I had to send it to my daughter so I could figure out how I knew him! He shakes his head and says "Just take the picture!!"

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2017-07-23 в 18:41 

my kink is when people admit i was right
2017-07-24 в 18:15 

обожемой, какая прелесть :lol: То есть, для тетки это эпично, а вот для него, наверное, каждый рейс одно и то же, что далеко не так весело.

2017-07-24 в 18:54 

my kink is when people admit i was right
но смешно так :D надеюсь, его эти ситуации не оч напрягают

2017-12-08 в 09:06 

Sometimes the within is piano black
да уж, ну и история)) Скотт молодчинка, все время только улыбался на все эти расспросы ))

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