my kink is when people admit i was right

Donna Keith: Me my mom and Cathy was driving and we seen James Caans son Scott Caan so I made Cathy follow him haha and we stopped at the light and I got out to get a picture with him and he said never mind a picture you can come with me haha my face went blood red meanwhile the light is now green and we are stopped in the middle of the road haha

John L Phaneuf: GOD STRIKES AGAIN. Unbelievable while sitting in front of Hilton waiting for trolley this guy walks out holding a bunch of folders and notebooks with Hawaii 5 0 on the top. Linda could not resist and asked him if he was part of the film crew. The guy stops and tells us he is and they would be shooting some scenes in the lobby the next day. Linda drags me out there at 9 am and we watch them set up do their thing for 3 hours. Then when they are finished we look for a restaurant to get lunch. find one in that hotel and walk in only to see these two characters sitting there. Well Linda was at her best, telling them how it was her favourite show and how the theme song is her ring tone. Impressed they insisted to have a picture taken, Awesome gentlemen both, but most awesome wife.

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2017-08-11 в 07:56 

Sometimes the within is piano black
на первой волосы :heart: так и кинки появляются)))

а вторая просто милейшая :heart: хорошо друг с другом смотрятся :eyebrow:

2017-08-11 в 17:21 

my kink is when people admit i was right
never mind a picture you can come with me haha
я вчера так ржала с этого
похотливый засранец

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