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kaistayirie: 4/2/18 #Merfday Forever 💙Scotty Caan, @laurencbrock @stefanybaclaan @snirbak @dyuro74 @merfdogg & Your Boy 📸 by @tacovato

claudinetoon: Amazing time at Waves of Love benefiting @awalkonwater !
Child met lots of supporters while she was checking folks in including Scott Caan! An amazing advocate for AWOW! He was so kind to her which goes with everything I’ve heard of this man! I worked the red carpet as they came in and he was stellar with me as well! ALL our supporters are amazing - even more great when it’s someone that has a following like an actor that can reach more than, let’s say I can! What a great night! #awalkonwater #awow #wavesoflove #nonprofit #specialneeds #surftherapy #wearesurftherapy

@темы: событие: A Walk On Water, candid/bts, 2018