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Архив фото с Джастином/сделанных Джастином (каскадер, один из дублеров Алекса в "Гавайи 5.0", временный сосед по комнате).
Возможны повторы с прошлыми архивами.

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_JustinFischer: #partner #coumpeee

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_JustinFischer: Letting Scott cut my hair. Trust issues

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клеит всех девчонок на деревне (и некоторых пацанов) с 2010

Скотт и Лорен, из аккаунтов Лорен (2011-2012):

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Из других источников:

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MaximoTV: Scott Caan (Hawaii Five-0, Entourage) at The Art Of Elysium 4th Annual Black Tie Charity Gala "Heaven" Arrivals at The Annenberg Building at the California Science Center in Los Angeles

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Ashley Heyon Oh: Liz~~~~~ Look at this photo~kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Scott Caan!!!!!!

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Donna Keith: Me my mom and Cathy was driving and we seen James Caans son Scott Caan so I made Cathy follow him haha and we stopped at the light and I got out to get a picture with him and he said never mind a picture you can come with me haha my face went blood red meanwhile the light is now green and we are stopped in the middle of the road haha

John L Phaneuf: GOD STRIKES AGAIN. Unbelievable while sitting in front of Hilton waiting for trolley this guy walks out holding a bunch of folders and notebooks with Hawaii 5 0 on the top. Linda could not resist and asked him if he was part of the film crew. The guy stops and tells us he is and they would be shooting some scenes in the lobby the next day. Linda drags me out there at 9 am and we watch them set up do their thing for 3 hours. Then when they are finished we look for a restaurant to get lunch. find one in that hotel and walk in only to see these two characters sitting there. Well Linda was at her best, telling them how it was her favourite show and how the theme song is her ring tone. Impressed they insisted to have a picture taken, Awesome gentlemen both, but most awesome wife.

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архив из инстаграма Takaaki Kaneko :з
почти домашний, отбирать не буду

2011, Tokyo - Kyoto

2013, Malibu

2013, Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

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8th Annual Night By The Ocean Gala

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Полный сэт в галерее Scott Caan Web

— photo by Derek Cross || October 15, 2011

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Surf's Up LA: Scott Caan

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offthewalltv: Scott is now best know as playing Danno on "Hawaii Five-O" and Scott Lavin on "Entourage" but is a life long skater and surfer. He shreds. He's also an accomplished photographer, writer, and director. In the 90's he was in a hip hop group called the Whouliganz that toured with Cypress Hill. How much more LA can you get?

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Со съемок Hawaii Five-0 2x02

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Quick story about this pic – Scott Caan (Danno) was filming a scene where he is on this street corner reading a newspaper. Suddenly he recognizes someone of “interest” and makes a dash for it across the street. Problem is a car with Japanese tourists came quickly around the corner at the same time! Fans and on lookers thought the near miss was scripted and part of the show !!!

Scott took it like a pro and shook the entire incident off. He was a pure gentleman about it. What wasn’t soo funny was the look on the Japanese driver and his family when they realized that not only did they just drive right thru a live film set, they almost slammed right into one the main stars of the show !!!! OMG !!!! All Scott did was kept yelling to the producers “keep rollin”, “keep rollin” …

x / x

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Интервью со Скоттом для журнала Esquire:

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The Appendix: How to Photograph Naked Women, by Scott Caan

Nine tips gleaned from our conversation with actor Scott Caan:

1. Temporarily reside in a hotel.
2. Date an uninhibited artist type.
3. When she asks you "How come you never take photos of me?" say, "It's just not my thing."
4. When she insists, take out your camera.
5. Use any available light. Use the hotel-room lamp if you have to.
6. Pick the right pose. "The idea is to come up with something that you find beautiful. Sometimes something raunchy is something beautiful to somebody, but to me, that's not it."
7. Don't force it. "Anything you shoot photos of, it's what you keep in the frame. You look at something, and if you really want to take a photo of it, take a photo of it. The second you start adjusting things and making it work, that's when it becomes photography as a job, and that's just not my style."
8. Call ten female acquaintances and ask them, "Hey, can I shoot photos of you?"
9. Repeat process with each.

Scott Caan Is a Sensitive Man
written by Peter Martin || Jan 24, 2011

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«Get After It»

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Интервью со Скоттом для HILuxury Magazine, выпуск Feb/Mar 2012:

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Life in Hawai’i seems to appeal to him beyond the break, so to speak.

“There’s such a calming element, you rarely meet people who are walking around frustrated. For me, it is a completely new sensation. In the beginning, it was almost uncomfortable,” he adds, sounding a bit like his New Jersey Five-0 character, who insists on wearing dress shirts and ties on duty. “I’m used to being stressed out all the time, and feeling OK with it. But here you start to see life in a different perspective … in a relaxed way. The second I come off the plane and breathe this air I get immediately calm. This is good,” he says, almost as if he’s still trying to convince himself of the notion.

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About the Setting:
For this issue’s cover story, we went with a bit of a vintage feel. It helped that actor Scott caan’s own personal style is a dapper mix of swagger and retro. When HILuxury was offered the rare chance to photograph on ‘Iolani Palace grounds, we jumped at the opportunity. here, we were able to showcase this historic property in a new light, with “Danno” of the Hawaii Five-0 redux running down the steps of the building that served as the Five-O headquarters in the original series. Of course, Caan is familiar with the area, since the current Five-0 headquarters is just across the street, at ali’iolani hale; and production itself is down the road at 605 Kapi’olani blvd.

Get After It
reported by Silvia Bizio and Jason Black || photography by Mark Arbeit || Feb/Mar, 2012

Полный сэт в галерее Scott Caan Web

HQ сканы

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Скотт и дети

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«Stay Gold»

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Статья про Скотта для Western Civ Magazine:

— Scott Caan thrives on pushing boundaries on land and sea

There’s no denying it. Scott Caan is a charismatic guy. Even now, at 11 a.m. on a Sunday morning, his one day a week off from the daily rigors of shooting the second season of Hawaii Five-O, he’s on. Lounging on the lanai of his two-story, Mediterranean-style white stucco house nestled on the slopes of Diamond Head, he’s chatting about wrapping up the eighth and final season of Entourage, the HBO show about making it big in Hollywood.

At 35, Caan should know a thing or two about Hollywood. He’s lived around the entertainment industry his whole life. It’s the family business. Acting is in his blood. And, if you’ve seen him in such notable films as the Ocean’s Trilogy and Gone in Sixty Seconds, you know it’s true. He’s good. Real good.

But, somehow, he doesn’t seem entirely comfortable claiming himself as a bona fide movie star. He refers to “the arts” sarcastically, not pretentiously. And he’s seemingly more at ease with being seen as a regular guy from the neighborhood that can act then a back lot big shot. Beyond acting, he enjoys a variety of personal interests like surfing, skating, bikes and hip-hop, as well as screen writing and photography, which he discovered later on in life.

Growing up in LA, he admits to having tough times at home. It was an unconventional upbringing with mom and dad, Sheila Ryan and James Caan. So, at 13, he ended up connecting with some local kids he looked up to and wanted to emulate. “I hung out with kids that I thought were interesting, and they just happened to be hoodlums, B-boys, criminals, skaters and surfers.”

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Jason Black| 2011

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Hideo Oida | 2011

Полный альбом в галерее Scott Caan Web
Полный альбом в галерее Imani Lanier

Stay Gold | Pt. I

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Highsnobiety TV – Scott Caan for The Hundreds

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Альбом в галерее ScottCaanWeb
— фотограф Jason Bergh | March 2011

Scott Caan for The Hundreds
— режиссер Jason Bergh | Feb 2011

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Foreword, Scott Caan: Photographs Vol. 1

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Предисловие Скотта к «Photographs Vol. 1»:

“When I was a kid someone told my father that they thought he was a great artist, and he laughed. I asked him what was so funny, and he said, “Picasso is an artist; I’m an actor.”
So I started acting when I was old enough to realize that I would do anything not to have a nine-to-five job. At the time I had no idea what an impact the art would have on me. I joined a theater group. I obsessively studied plays, playwrights, actors, and directors. I lived and breathed theater. I lived and breathed acting, and writing. I really felt that I wanted to be an artist. I wanted to express myself. I wrote plays, I wrote movies, I acted in movies. Then I started to direct. I made movies, I made plays. I even wrote shitty songs.
Whether frustrating, rewarding, painful, or just embarassing, I usually felt full… That’s all we really want.
So when I didn’t, I would take a picture.
I took a bunch of photos with a bunch of different cameras that were all given to me by my father. The guy who says he’s not an artist… he’s wrong.
As an artist today, I think it is almost impossible to do exactly what you want. You have to listen to other people. You have to work with opinions. You have to change. Purity in most art forms is a struggle. Certainly acting or writing. Especially directing. So much that sometimes the art gets lost. The feeling of it anyway. Having your ideas, cognitive or not, and following through precisely… Not impossible, but for one reason or another, really hard.
Photography, to me, is pure. It’s the person holding the camera’s eye, and that’s it!
Like it or not, it is what it is.
Hope you like my photos, but they won’t change either way. They are what they are. That’s what I love about them.”

@темы: 2011, проект: Photographs Vol. 1

Скотт Каан