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juliehawaii: Hawaii Five-0, Ep 8.22. I was a standin for two actors, Shi Ne Nielson (playing Duke Lukela's daughter, Carrie Nakahara), and Joanna Sotomura (playing Mila). All the scenes here were shot on the same day. Such an interesting and fun day. They blocked me sitting, standing, my hands, and pacing...lots of pacing. All the principals were on set, including Dennis Chun and gf, Laura! Dennis was wearing his hospital gown so he didn't want to take a pic together until he changed (no spoilers) but I was called to the set and we never reconnected. Shucks. This was the day that we were playing with the hospital balloons and tagging cast and crew with it. Everyone was in a playful mood. Fun fact: the Danno hug was Scott's scripted "ad lib" 😂and just before Meaghan delivered her line, he teased her, making her totally flustered. They have a good, easy relationship irl. Alex was trying to sell his truck. This is the best cast and crew. ❤️ BTS vids by Meaghan. #h50 #filming #setlife

@темы: роль: Дэнни Уильямс (Hawaii Five-0), candid/bts, 2018